Dr. Jose Loor

Dr. Jose Loor, the owner, and founder of DeLoor Podiatry, is one of New York City’s leading podiatrists, setting himself apart from his colleagues by his multi-disciplined approach to podiatric medicine as well as his specialization and expertise in ankle trauma cases.

Dr. Loor is the sole podiatrist who is a member of the AO Foundation in New York State and has had extensive training under orthopedic surgeons, which has developed and refined both his surgical technique as well as his medical approach in treating his patients.

Dr. Loor is also a captain in the 4220th unit of the US Army Medical Reserves Corps. His active involvement in all aspects of his field, as well as his excellent skills and breadth of knowledge and the utmost level of patient care, will continually benefit patients seen by this practice.

Dr. Loor’s military experience has involved extensive limb salvage operations as well as pioneering innovations in durable medical equipment, including casts and boots, which has provided him a one-of-a-kind understanding in customized care for patients and can treat, prevent, and reduce damage and blistering on a case to case basis. During his service he was exposed to more unique and diverse trauma than the average physician, giving him a unique edge in his expertise.

Dr. Loor has also received an advanced imaging fellowship with Lenox Hill Radiology, which gave him the added advantage of being able to read films and diagnose his patients more thoroughly than others in his field.

Dr. Loor has attended and presented at various conferences throughout the United States as well as abroad. He has licenses to practice in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.