Bone stimulators

What are bone stimulators?

Bone stimulators are devices that promote the natural process of healing by emitting low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury or fusion site (definition can be found here).

Dr. Loor provides bone stimulators produced by Exogen, who defines their product by stating, “EXOGEN® is a safe, effective and painless ultrasound treatment that is clinically proven to speed up the body’s natural bone healing process—in just 20 minutes a day.

What are their benefits?

Benefits include increasing the healing process and decreasing the period needed to recover from injuries, such as a Jones fracture, or surgery.

Bone stimulators in practice.

A bone stimulator was used for Giants player, Dez Bryant, who sustained a Jones fracture, which was the same injury that befell NBA’s Kevin Durant, which sidelined him. Thanks to the use of a bone stimulator, Dez Bryant, was able to be back in commission in a shorter period. Jones fractures commonly occur in athletes and this article describes the operative and postoperative measures that are utilized in treating the condition. The use of the bone stimulator post surgery is highlighted as a way to promote faster healing through noninvasive means.

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