Beauty’s price: blisters, calluses, corns

The closer is summer the stronger is beauty’s demand. It is truly amazing how far we can go and how much we can sacrifice to be in better shape or to get into a nice dress. Not speaking about the pair of shoes we wish to fit. Bur everything comes with its price.

Sometimes it might hurt. Literally. One can ask what damage can beautiful shoes bring, except financial?   The answer is simple and in three words: blisters, calluses, corns.  Unfortunately, treatment and consequences of these problems might be not as simple as they sound.

For example, whereas a small blister on your feet caused by tight shoes or a barefoot walk on hot sand in many cases is relatively harmless, the same blister for a person with diabetes may lead to a serious medical condition that is called a foot ulcer. The first and most common type can be treated individually, many of us just keep the blister dry, clean and undamaged. The second one needs the doctor’s attention urgently.

If blisters appear as an immediate reaction to discomfort, a callus, an area where the skin grows thick, is a result of a repeated rubbing of long duration. Tight shoes and high heels usually cause it. So, if you pick your shoes considering the fit with your purse and not your feet, or how shapely your legs look thanks to these heels, not paying attention to slight discomfort, don’t be surprised when you get a callus on the ball of your foot.

Same negligence in choosing the right footwear may lead to corns which usually form on the tops of the toes or in between toes and can be quite painful. This problem takes longer to treat than the other two, and most often requires professional podiatric management.  

To prevent blisters, corns, and calluses any podiatrist would recommend - choosing your shoes wisely. But we are all humans and perfectly understand that this recommendation might fail when somebody faces an unbearable temptation to buy a pair of shoes of their dream. In this case, when appearance prevails comfort, don’t exaggerate wearing these shoes too often, and remember about possible consequences.

When you are already facing the consequences of the aesthetic sacrifice, call us. DeLoor Podiatry knows how to handle any foot problem.  

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