Ilizarov. Returning freedom of movement

The great orthopedic surgeon and inventor Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov would have turned 96 on June, 15. He devoted all his life to helping people with bone injures. The special technique designed for long-term fixation to treat bone fractures is called after him – the Ilizarov apparatus.

Gavriil Abramovich was born in Belovezh, Poland, in a large and quite poor family, his father was a military man and died early. When Ilizarov was seven his family moved to Kusary, Azerbaijan. The childhood of future outstanding doctor turned out to be difficult, because he had to take care of younger brothers, keeping studying at the same time. Nevertheless, he showed striking results, and was able to complete the entire school course in just a couple of years. After that, in 1939 he entered the Simferopol Medical Institute, graduated with distinction in 1944.

During the post-war period, Dr. Ilizarov had to work as a doctor on duty in an ordinary village hospital. However, even at his first job, he began to actively deal with patients suffering from improperly fused fractures of the limbs that they received during the war. Watching them and practicing, Dr. Ilizarov in his spare time worked on the problems of restoring limbs after complex fractures.

Becoming the head of the surgical department of the Kurgan regional hospital for war invalids, Ilizarov offered his fundamentally new method of bone splicing in fractures. The novelty of the proposed method and apparatus for its implementation is confirmed by the author’s certificate. The use of Ilizarov’s apparatus increased efficacy and markedly shortened the periods of fracture treatment. Successful practice made it possible to expand the range of application of the device.

In 1951 a talented physician who had already earned a certain prestige and fame, presented to the wide public his unique invention – a transosseous compression-distraction apparatus designed to achieve an optimal recovery result in the process of bone fusion. This invention was designed to properly fix the limbs, and already its first assemblies showed simply amazing results.

In itself, his invention was a round metal base, from which came the steel spokes, passing through the bone tissue. The structure of the apparatus made it possible to regulate the compression and direction of bone tissue growth to within a millimeter, and according to pre-calculated patterns, day after day, complete restoration of the limb from any state.

Gradually, in the course of his research, the scientist created unique replaceable parts of his apparatus of a special form, for the treatment of various injuries. As a result, in a few years this particular surgical constructor had more variations than there are bones in the human body. Well, when the bones were finished, the author began to perform operations on the joints and tendons. Of course, the invention of Ilizarov for a long time was inalienable from himself, because his correct installation required real skill, which the talented surgeon possessed in full.

Quite soon the results of operations began to talk about the invention of Ilizarov for themselves, and he gained special popularity after the help of the famous Olympic champion – Valery Brumel.

In 1971 in the city of Kurgan a research institute of reconstructive surgery was opened, headed by Professor Ilizarov.

In this position, he was able to devote even more time to studying his main field of activity, carrying out various experiments and improving all his inventions. In his work, he repeatedly encountered cases in which other doctors simply got their hands on and could not do anything, and even in such difficult situations he managed not only to save the patient’s life, but also to restore all lost functions, giving the person complete freedom of movement.

Even with all its popularity, Dr. Ilizarov was never a public person. Of course, he never refused to help people regardless of their status or position, but he himself preferred a quiet life devoted to science and research, to which all his powers and time went. Over the years he has developed hundreds of different techniques for restoring fractures, injuries, as well as congenital and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system. He wrote hundreds of scientific papers, reports and articles that were actively translated into foreign languages and enjoyed immense popularity around the world.

Glad and proud to inform that DeLoor Podiatry helps its patients using, among others, methods developed by Gavriil Ilizarov.

‘We`ve got used to implement the most modern and advanced methods in our daily practice. But at the same time, we should not forget about those who stood at the roots of revolutionary technologies. Among such people there was also Dr. Ilizarov’, says the CEO and owner of DeLoor Podiatry, Dr, Jose Loor.

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