Podiatric Surgeon Dr Patel – Heel Pain and New Yorkers

One of the most common questions and conditions that I see in my patients is heel pain. In the city of New York where everyone is walking on hard pavement, we have a lot of active people, runners, dancers, and folks that go to the gym, heel pain is very, very prevalent.

Yes, there are. There are a number of professions, which involve standing and prolonged activity on your feet. For example, first responders, medical professionals, and service workers who stand for multiple hours a day. These folks and individuals definitely experience heel pain.

There is two forms of heel pain, one is chronic, and the other is acute. Acute heel pain generally is caused by accidents, and injuries that are quick on onset. These are typically diagnosed with a in office exam, X-ray, and ultrasound if needed, and can be treated effectively by taking the pressure off the injured area.

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