What is Foot & Ankle Neuropathy ?

Neuropathy is basically his condition in which your, your nerves stop firing or the fire abnormally. Just going to lead to a lot of symptoms including burning, tingling, uh, numbness, uh, loss of vibration or position sense. It can also lead to some electric light sensations in your feet.

How fast do Symptoms Develop?

It’s commonly seen that patients develop symptoms very gradually, but it, it can also be seen as a sudden onset. How many types of neuropathy exist? There are mainly two types of neuropathy. The first one is peripheral neuropathy and the other one is radicular apathy. Peripheral neuropathy mainly just affects, uh, your arms or your limbs and uh, your feet radicular apathy can affect your entire body because it stems right from your spinal cord. So what causes neuropathy? Neuropathy can be caused by various different reasons. Diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common ones we see in our practice.

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