When you cannot run away from the pain

Foot trauma

When you cannot run away from the pain

We love sports. It gives us energy, potency, clears the mind, and helps us to be more focused and productive.

Yoga, basketball, CrossFit, jogging, cycling, soccer, football, there are thousands of types of sports activities that can be very beneficial to our body and mind, at the same time, they can lead to acute or chronic conditions, injuries and trauma if not practiced correctly. Insufficient warming-up, overtraining, wrong movements or improper footwear are the main causes of foot or ankle pain, which is always a warning sign produced by our body.

Foot and ankle conditions and traumas are treatable. Modern podiatry provides a lot of options to the patients:

Once the condition is fully treated, patients can gradually return to sports activities they love. 

Every patient is unique, and every solution should reflect the patient’s needs and interests.
Our doctors know that.

Pain is an obstacle between us and our plans, desires, and goals. Foot and ankle pain is a common reason why many of us quit doing sports. Withal inability to exercise leads to emotional discomfort and in some cases to other conditions.

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