Treatment Specialists for Foot & Ankle Trauma


Have you suffered a foot or ankle trauma due to a nasty fall or accident? Then you need the most innovative treatments in Podiatric medicine today. Our practice offers the long-term care and support you need. From comprehensive assessment to personalized treatment plans, we see you through to recovery.

What causes ankle trauma?

Though ankle traumas are often grouped as sports injuries, they are not exclusive to athletes. Ankle trauma could be a result of something as simple as walking on an uneven surface, tripping or falling. Even sudden impact, twisting, or rolling the ankle can lead to a trauma. Swelling, pain, bruising, and inability to bear weight can be result of Torn tendons, Sprains, Tendon strains, Ankle fractures.

Is your pain a result of a foot trauma?

Foot trauma can come in many forms. Some is occupational, such as teachers standing for long periods of time. Sometimes fire fighters experiencing tendon trauma from jumping and landing wrong.

If you feel like you have a sprain, the ligaments in your foot might be fully or partially torn. How can you tell? Perhaps…

• The pain worsens when you put weight on the foot that was hurt
• You’re experiencing swelling or bruising in the area
• When you try to move your foot, your range of motion is restricted or instable.

Areas of Treatment

There is no one treatment or procedure for Foot & Ankle Trauma. Our doctors use advanced diagnostic techniques to determine where the injury is and which state-of-the-art treatment will best get you on your way to recovery.

Tendon Arthroscopy

In case if you’ve suffered tendon damage, we might opt for Arthroscopy. We employ an instrument with a camera lens and a light that helps us to see what’s going on inside your foot or ankle. Doctors can then determine what type of tendon repair surgery is a best option to heal your condition and put you out of pain.


Tenjet® is a revolutionary intervention that we use to target and treat the source of your chronic tendon pain. With this groundbreaking procedure, we use a needle-like device that delivers a supersonic stream of water to remove your diseased tendon while sparing healthy tendons.

Rejuvenation Therapy

Using your own blood, we are able to isolate your plasma and concentrate it so it’s full of healthy platelets. We then inject it into the treatment area to use your own healing system – intensified – to release growth boosters that fire up and increase the number of healing cells your body produces.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Using a hand-held device, we deliver shockwaves to your injured tissue as we move it over the trouble area in a circular motion. This activates your body’s self-healing capabilities by stimulating your metabolism. Moreover, it can improve blood circulation and encourage the formation of new blood vessels. It also nurtures the healing process through cell regeneration, as well as by breaking up calcification within tendons, which is then reabsorbed by your body.

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