Bone Stimulators


What are bone stimulators?

Bone stimulators are devices that promote the natural process of healing by emitting low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to an injury or where you’ve had a fusion procedure.

Dr. Loor provides bone stimulators produced by Exogen, who defines their product by stating, “EXOGEN® is a safe, effective and painless ultrasound treatment that is clinically proven to speed up the body’s natural bone healing process—in just 20 minutes a day.”

What are the benefits to you?

Your benefits include increasing the healing process and decreasing the period needed for you to recover from injuries, such as a Jones fracture, or surgery.

Bone stimulators in practice…

A bone stimulator was used for Giants player Dez Bryant, who sustained a Jones fracture. This was the same injury that the NBA’s Kevin Durant suffered, causing him to be sidelined. Thanks to the use of a bone stimulator, Dez Bryant was able to be back in commission in a shorter period of time.

We might very well recommend the use of a bone stimulator post-surgery as a way to promote faster healing through noninvasive means.

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